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This battery (pictured below) has failed due to excessive plate corrosion and expansion. The failure occured due to one of the following:


1. Cycling load: Check your UPS output ammeter. If the current is constantly changing, you have cycling loads. The battery must supply power to the load before the charger can react. This causes the battery to have a constant charge and discharge. This battery exceeded the battery cycle rating and the plates failed as a result. In some applications this cannot be prevented. If so, the best choice is a battery with the positive plates wrapped. This adds resistance to the circuit and can affect your discharge. The battery must be sized for the additional resistance to perform properly.


2. Improper plate formation during the initial manufacturing and startup process.


3. Too much calcium added to the plate during manufacturing.


Learn how to predict and avoid this failure long before it reaches this state.


Contact us before you invest in the wrong battery application.