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Power Consulting for your System Repairs, Maintenance, and Startup 
Commissioning of your Power Protection Apparatus. 
Power Analysis, System Ground Inspection and Troubleshooting.
On-Site Training Classes on UPS Systems and Batteries

Complete Battery Consulting Service-

• Installation/ PM's
• Testing- IEEE/Capacity
• Removal/Disposal
• New Battery Sales
• Battery Monitors/Test Equipment
• Battery RENTAL Banks
• Battery Safety Products

AC LOAD BANKS: 1-phase & 3-phase

• UPS SYSTEMS .5kVA - 1000kVA
• Battery Chargers- all voltage and amperage classes
• Solar Panels and Solar Battery Cabinets
• Batteries, Fuses, Lamps, Relays, Safety Switches
• Surge Protection- Industrial and Home Protective Devices


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• Battery Charger
• Inverter
• Static Switch
• Manual Bypass
• Automatic Transfer Switch• AC/DC Distribution
• Emergency Lighting
• Generator Control Circuits
• Fire Pump Controllers
• Motor Control Circuits
• DCS Distribution & Isolated Ground Circuits

• Startup's/Commissioning Services
• Inspections/Site Surveys
• PM's, Yearly, 5th-year PM,10th-year PM 
• Repairs, Circuit Improvements

Consulting on the following equipment: 

New Equipment Sales: